Art Games - Overview
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Brian Schrank, PhD
Office: Daley 200F
Winter 2018
Tue 5:45-9pm
14EAS 00212 Loop Campus

Students learn to appreciate and advance games as an artistic medium in this bootcamp by making work that is avant-garde in its formal aesthetics or sociopolitical force. Every two weeks students rapidly develop and complete an art game that challenges the conventional wisdom of what games are, how and why we play them, and the role they perform in popular culture.

Participation and Communicating = 25% of Final Grade
Students are expected to communicate regularly, seeking critical feedback so they may improve their work, solve problems, and help peers. Communication doesn't only occur with the instructor or classmates, it occurs with the world at large as answers are sought online and through relevant communities of practice. Part of communicating is listening and receiving feedback that can help students improve their work or work process.

Effort = 75% of Final Grade
Graduate-Level Effort and Work is Expected Students are expected to work 20-30 hours a week on their coursework. Failure to put in the expected amount of time and effort will result in a lowered grade. Additionally, the kind of work expected in this course is graduate-level work. This means developing advanced skills in 1) problem-solving and 2) critical discourse around your work as well as 3) an understanding of how your work performs in its intended sociocultural context.

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