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Current website/schedule is here.




Week 1

Tuesday, 3/29:

Introduction to Class


  • Intro to Aesthetics and Formal Art
  • Intro the Avant-garde and Political Art
  • Overview of Formal and Political Art in Games

Lecture "Introduction to Art Games" (PPT as ZIP, PDF)


Read Chapter 1 by Thursday (PDF)

Thursday, 3/31:

Discussion on Reading


Finish Intro Lecture if necessary


High Art versus Low Art (PPT, PDF)



Project #1 Formal Art Game Project is assigned


Read Chapter 2 by Tuesday (PDF)


Week 2

Tuesday, 4/5:

Discussion on Reading and Formal Art games students played over the weekend.

What is film good at? Slavoj Žižek:

Pervert's Guide to Cinema

Possesed 1931(film showing magic of film)

Blue Velvet

Red Pill, Blue Pill and Videogames

Pervert's Guide to Ideology

What is film good at Lev Kuleshov

What are comics good? Scott McCloud vs Robert Crumb

What are videogames good at? Ian Bogost vs Doug Wilson (more on Wilson)

Review and Discussion of Brainstorms on blog. Be sure to post and comment.


Lecture on 10 canonical formal art games and why they are important.

Thursday, 4/7:

Students work on their Formal Art Games.

Week 3

Tuesday, 4/12:

Playtests all class period.

Thursday, 4/14:

Formal Game play jam and critique.


I have delayed assigning the next project until Tuesday. Please use that time to reflect and act upon the feedback to improve your Formal Games.

Week 4

Tuesday, 4/19:

Finish Formal Game play jam and critique.


Read Chapter 3: Radical Political by next class (PDF)

Thursday, 4/21:

Discussion on Reading


Lecture (KEY, PPT, PDF)



Radical Play

Magic Circle (blends rather than divides worlds)

Shock is Kitsch. Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

Political Events and Provocateurs

Ad Hoc Utopias and ARGs

  • The Beast (players: “we can 'solve' 9/11”)
  • World Without Oil

Radical Play in Everyday Life

Week 5

Tuesday, 4/26:


Critical Play Session and Discussion:

10 Canonical Political Art Games, Events, and Artists

Why are they important?

How do they critique or advance the medium of games?

How do they transform “common sense” in technoculture?

Thursday, 4/28:


Students and teams meet with instructor and develop projects.


Week 6


Tuesday, 5/3:


Critical Play Session and Discussion on Student Political Art Games and Events.

Thursday, 5/5:



Channeling the "Other"

Butoh Theater


Haitian Voodoo


Amy Walker: part one and part two

In-class accents practice

Dialogical Self



Inspiration from oblique angles, activity references here


Week 7


Tuesday, 5/10:


Project #3 Collabojam Art Game Project is assigned


Critical Playtests of Collabojam Games.

Thursday, 5/12:



Part 1 due for Collabojam Games


Workshop and then workday.


Week 8


Tuesday, 5/17:


Part 2 due for Collabojam Games


Critical Play Session and Discussion on Collabojam Games.

Thursday, 5/19:



Part 3 due for Collabojam Games


Collaboration and inspiration from oblique angles.


Week 9


Tuesday, 5/24:


Part 4 due for Collabojam Games


Project #4 Final Projects Assigned


Class Discussion of Final Projects

Thursday, 5/26:



Part 1 Due for Final Projects


Instructor meets with teams to plan projects.


Teams meet and work.

Week 10


Tuesday, 5/31:


Part 2 Due for Final Projects


Critical Playtests and Discussion of Final Projects.

Thursday, 6/2:



Part 3 Due for Final Projects


Instructor meets with teams to discuss projects.


Tuesday, 6/7


Final Exam at 11:30 AM to 1:45 PM


Part 4 Due For Final Projects


Critical Play Session and Discussion of Final Projects