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Executable Games:

Alternate Reality Game (ARGs):

  • The Beast
  • World Without Oil
  • ARGs are political without always explicitly trying be so. This is because they open up the relationship between people or the relationships between people and the systems / spaces in which we live, work, sleep, shop, commute, etc. They reframe some ritual aspect of everyday life as something that's transformable and fungible. Playing in public is itself a political act because society exerts incredible pressure to minimize disruption to the flow of our collective movement, ideas, and capital. Doing public games or events will require you to do some dry runs and might draw public ire, so they are not for the feint of heart!

Reality Games:

  • Seed Bombing
  • BorderXing
  • Toywar
  • Reality Games are different from ARGs because they shed the premise of an "alternate" reality altogether and often openly break laws, whether it's trespessing or litering. DO NOT BREAK ANY LAWS with this project, however.

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